About teknowlogy

Founded in 1973, CXP is a research and consulting firm focusing on enterprise software solutions expertise for IT users in French-speaking countries.

Founded in 1999, BARC is the leading analyst brand in the BI and analytics field.

We are now teknowlogy

Founded in 1976, PAC became the leading European-based market analyst firm delivering focused and objective responses to the growth challenges of software & IT services vendors worldwide.

Founded in 2004, Ardour Consulting is a well-established advisory firm in Europe, helping IT organizations of large European firms in the fields of IT strategy, IT sourcing, and IT governance.

teknowlogy Group is the leading independent European research and consulting firm in the fields of digital transformation, software, and IT services. It brings together the expertise of four research and advisory firms, each with a strong history and local presence in the fragmented markets of Europe: Ardour Consulting Group, BARC (Business Application Research Center), CXP and  PAC (Pierre Audoin Consultants).

We are a content-based company with strong consulting DNA. We are the preferred partner for European user companies to define IT strategy, govern teams and projects, and de-risk technology choices that drive successful business transformation.

We have a second-to-none understanding of market trends and IT users’ expectations. We then help software vendors and IT services companies better shape, execute and promote their own strategy in coherence with market needs and in anticipation of tomorrow’s expectations.

Capitalizing on more than 40 years of experience, we operate out of seven countries with a network of 150 experts.

is our passion and we live and breathe it! Technology has become a factor of critical importance for any organization’s success.

Facing complex decisions, reliable knowledge is the best way to de-risk the future. We are sharing this knowledge.

Our knowledge is aimed at supporting the best decisions to be made now for a bright tomorrow. The symbol “<“, is the indication of openness to the future and our forward-looking attitude.

science, method
The suffix -logy characterizes a scientific approach. We work with methods that have proven efficiency. We are scientifically organized in our knowledge, our data, and our methods.